Garbage Collection

We've started this service from our village in Jhanjharpur (Madhubani), so that people would stop burning garbage in open, and it will(hopefully) also reduce the traces of garbage in open fields, roads etc.

Garbage Thela

Now, we use a mini tractor with a hydraulic trolley, to collect garbage from the public dustbins or anywhere else to keep our village clean.

Public Dustbin

We've placed public dustbins in every residential areas (200+ such dustbins in Mahrail)

List of villages where we provide this service

  1. Mahrail

Garbage Disposal

No disposal units are setup yet. We'll have an update on this very soon. Update! - It's under progress, we are setting up a composting unit that would make compost out of bio waste. Solid wastes would be recycled and we're yet to figure out what to do with the remaining stuff that can not be recycled.