Extra Classes / Sessions to Support Unprivileged Students

When it comes to education, the current situation of most government schools (both middle schools and primary schools) in our village are simply unacceptable. Situation of nearby villages is not very different either. As a result educational quality suffers a lot. More than 40% of students (mostly from the poor economical background) entirely depends on govt schools. And, if they are not getting quality education there, it would only result in serious issues for upcoming young generation. It will be really hard for them to get employed if they’re not even equipped with basic quality education.

We also need to shift our educational style from bare memorization to something more diverse that teaches and promotes a wide range of skills such as ​learning, creativity, ​problem solving ​and ​rational thinking.

What's Next ?

Computer Lab : We're also planning to start a computer Lab (Raspberry Pi 4) to help students learn access digital libraries / browse web and learn some basic uses.

Science Kits : We're also working on preparing a low cost experiment kit for science classes that would make learning more easier and fun for students.

Vocational Courses : We also plan to add vocational training courses for students in class 10th or above. Skills based training is the need of the hour as we severely lack skilled workers in all fields.