Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Trust is to improve quality of life (HDI - Human Development Index) here in rural Bihar, starting from a village (Mahrail) in Jhanjharpur. It involves raising awareness to solving social problems.

Right now, our main concerns are environmental and health issues such as Air Pollution (Hazardous PM 2.5 levels - caused primarily by the open burning of garbage, dry leaves etc), Noise Pollution (Blatant misuse of Loud Speakers is the primary cause of noise), Open Defecation etc. We're also working on to plant more trees, build public toilets and libraries .

We've been monitoring the air quality in our village (Mahrail) for an year now and the quality of air is very bad most of the year (except rainy season). The level of pollutants we have in air is above hazardous level (we've shared a picture below - with PM 2.5, AQI and CO2 reading when measured in evening). PM 2.5 particles are the tiny pollutants (less than 2.5 micron in size) that goes straight to the lungs, responsible for most of the Asthma, Allergy, Bronchitis and Lung Cancer cases in India.

Air Pollution Meter
Image : The PM 2.5 reading of 569 µg/m3 at Mahrail Village. The safe level of PM 2.5 particles is 10 µg/m3