What is AQI

AQI stands for Air Quality Index, a number that tells us about the key pollutants present in the air, help us to measure the quality of air we breathe. Here are the list of health risk associates with various AQI level -
AQI Level Air Quality Health Risk
0-50 Good None
51-100 Acceptable Not much
101-200 Moderately Polluted To sensitive people
201-300 Heavily Polluted For Everyone
301-400 Severely Polluted For Everyone
401 ore higher Hazardous For Everyone

About Our AQI Data

We've been monitoring the AQI level in Mahrail for more than year but recently we thought of making it available to public. It would also result in more awareness and discussion on the topic of air pollution, which is a serious problem in our region. (AQI reach 600 in winter)

  • Device Used : Air Visual Monitor from IQAir
  • Location: Outdoor (Village - Mahrail, Dist - Madhubani, Bihar), in front of our office.
  • Frequency of update: Data is updated every few minutes (5-10).

Note : If the device is not reporting data correctly please let us know : mail@samyakfoundation.org