Update on Garbage Collection Mini tractor

Date : 10 Mar 2023

Recently, a mini tractor with a hydraulic trolley, has been assigned for the garbage collection work in Mahrail and nearby villages.

The electric vehicle purchased (garbage van) earlier is undergoing frequent repairs and as a result of that we had to buy a robust vehicle that can collect garbage all year around from all corners of the village.

The mini tractor is well suitable for that, we just had to add a hydraulic trolley and it’s working great.

The older garbage van is still functional and used as a secondary garbage van and also for carrying plants, compost etc for tree plantation works.

Mini Tractor - garbage van

COVID 19 Vaccination at our office, Mahrail

Date : 13 July 2022

Around 60 people took the 3rd dose in last few days (via govt appointed nurse) at our office (Station Chowk, Mahrail, Madhubani, Bihar), without any cost.

Remember, Covid 19 pandemic is not over yet and vaccine is the only proven way to protect yourself and others.

Therefore, Please take the vaccine ASAP if you're eligible.

covid 19 vaccination

Awareness Event - With Blanket Distribution

Date : 29 Dec 2019

With the purpose of raising awareness on air pollution and environment, we invited people to our office and gave a blanket to everyone after the awareness session.

Blankets distribution

Bleaching Powder Spray in Mahrail

Date : 19 Aug 2019

Bleaching powder acts as a disinfectant and it's also helpful in killing mosquito larvae, growing on water logged areas in rainy season. Thanks to Andhratharhi Govt. Hospital for providing us the required bleaching powder.

bleaching powder spray

Flood Relief Work Gopalkha & Naruar

Date : 16 July 2019

Gopalkha and Naruar are also badly affected by floods. First, we delivered food packages to people staying at Gopalkha baandh, And then to people stuck in their homes in Naruar village, through the boat provided by NDRF Team.

Flood Relief - Gopalkha, Naruar

Electric Garbage Van for waste collection (Mar 2019)

Date : 22 Mar 2019

We bought an electric garbage van. it would allow us to collect waste from the public dustbins (installed earlier) much faster as compared to manually operated 'thela'. Since, we're adding more villages to waste collection service, it was very much required.

Garbage Van

Awareness Campaign in Karnpur (Mar 2019)

Date : 07 Mar 2019

Pollution awareness team in Karnpur village.

Pollution Awareness

Awareness Campaign in Mahrail (Jan 2019)

Date : Jan 2019

A team of five people from Samyak Foundation went on to meet every family in the village, to explain the current issues (pollution, open defecation, cleanliness), to make them aware of danger associated with open garbage burning (PM 2.5 level goes too high often - even 20 times above the safe limit), the effect of noise pollution (caused by loud speakers, crackers etc) on our health and so on.

Pollution Awareness

Distribution of Blankets (Dec 2018)

Date : 14 Dec 2018

Free distribution of blankets to poor, as a part of our awareness campaigns. We invited them to our office for collecting the gift and we also made them aware of the key issues(air pollution, noise pollution, open defecation, garbage burning etc) and how does it affects their lives.

Distribution of Mosquito Nets (Nov 2018)

Date : 10 Nov 2018

Free distribution of mosquito nets to poor as a part of pollution awareness campaigns.